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This Page gives you an idea of some of the next planed products. They are in various stages from just thinking about it through being almost complete.

You can impact the progress by making a Donation for Motivation, enter the product you would like to see completed earlier in the notes field.

Thank you for your support.


* Custom Plug-in board to connect 3rd party instruments onto one of the three slots of the Utility Card  installed in an Agilent 3070 type ICT.


* JTAG Analog measurement utility board, based on the National Semiconductor's SCANSTA476, probably available in different configuration.

- as a minimum to install inside a test fixture, without enclosure and no power supply

- with 2nd TAP to be configured as part of a 1149.1 chain

- with external power supply adapter and fitted into an enclosure


* JTAG TAP-Doubler you can double the TAP (Test Access Ports) of you JTAG interface. Use a signle TAP controller to connect to 2 or more TAPs on your prototype board.





* send us your suggestion


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