Proto Board v 1.0

The ProtoBoard v1.0 is an indispensable device used to ease the prototyping of electrical circuits. The board contains several useful components that are commonly used which will speed up the development process. The ProtoBoard v1.0 was designed with the Propeller microcontroller in mind. However, it is equally useful for all microcontrollers.



12 Volt 500mA adapter included.

On board +5 volt and +3.3 volt regulators.

Dedicated ground test point.

Power switch fully disconnects both positive and negative from the power source.

16 amber LED’s set up in 2 banks of 8.

6 multiplexed red 7 segment displays.

Two 10 Kohm potentiometers.

8 tact pushbutton switches.

8 position DIP switches with selectable HIGH voltage.

One 64K EEPROM. Prewired with a pullup resistor on SDA and an address of 0x00.

One LM324N. Socketed for easy replacement with another 14 pin op amp.

RS232 port with access to TX, RX, CTS, RTS, and pulsed DTR for use as a /Reset .

SD Card slot prewired for SPI with the following: CS, DI, DO, CK, WP, CD.

830 tie point breadboard.


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