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We are constantly working to improve our products, and we keep your comments and questions in mind.

Please write to us. We will respond as quickly as possible.

  F A Q s

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions from our customers.

Can you recommend a good JTAG tool?

Answer: There are many provider out there. Depending what you have in mind when you say 'JTAG'; there is JTAG debugging, JTAG programming and JTAG for boundary scan testing.

For boundary scan testing there are a few major supplier:

Asset Intertech (USA based)

Corelis Inc. (USA based)

Geopel GmbH (German based)

JTAG Technologies (Dutch based)

Temento Systems (French based)

XJTAG (UK based)


Why do your products come in small quantities? Can I buy them in bulk?

Answer: Many of our customers prefer small quantities, but we offer them in large quantities as well. When ordering, please specify.


I am unable to fit the widget into my gadget. Is there a recommended way to do this?

Answer: We find that putting the gadget into the widget works better.




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